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The Alabama Rig® Patent Disclosure


Muscle Shoals, AL.-In a major move forwards Slick Lures LLC, Inc, is disclosing the Publication Number for The Alabama Rig®. This is just another step in aggressively protecting our product, The Alabama Rig®, from unlawful duplication or infringing on our product said Andy Poss, inventor of The Alabama Rig®. The Publication Number is US 2012/0073182 A1.

Slick Lures LLC is in the process of obtaining a patent for The Alabama Rig®. Currently, only Mann’s Bait is the sole and exclusive licensee for the manufacturing, marketing and sale of The Alabama Rig®.


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ESPN Interview with Andy Poss listen to the interview here: Radio 1400AM

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Listen to the first interview with Andy Poss about The Alabama Rig on October 26, 2011 the week after the FLW tournamnet on Lake Guntersville. Listen to the interview here: Fish Talk Radio


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Listen to the first interview with Andy Poss about The Alabama Rig on October 20, 2011 the week before the FLW tournamnet on Lake Guntersville. Listen to the interview here: Fish Talk Radio

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“We didn’t just make this regulation up to ban The Alabama Rig in Tennessee.  It’s been on the books for almost 10 years” says TWRA Chief of Fisheries Bobby Wilson. - 10/27/2011 -  Read More: TWRA


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The Alabama Rig came out of nowhere and completely re-shaped bass fishing in one cosmic force, that was the FLW Tour Event on Lake Guntersville, won by Paul Elias. I was on Kentucky Lake getting ready for the FLW Everstart Championshp, 4 lakes downriver. This video is about my experiences with the Alabama Rig, Big Hammer swimbaits, and what I learned. Video "Super Nova"


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Following Paul Elias’ dominating win at the Walmart FLW Tour stop on Lake Guntersville, there is understandably a great deal of interest in using Alabama rigs during the EverStart Series Championship starting Thursday on Kentucky Lake. The rigs are commonly identified as umbrella rigs and are subject to restrictions in some states. Tennessee is one of them. Read More: FLW Clarifies

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Seminar with Dan Morehead on day 4 of the Forrest Wood Cup 2011: Watch the Interview


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Alabama Romp Unveils The Alabama Rig


Elias wins Walmart FLW Tour Open on Lake Guntersville wire to wire 23.Oct.2011 by Brett Carlson

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. – As a noted structure fisherman, Paul Elias has always had a special connection with Lake Guntersville. But this week he discovered a new technique to ignite its plentiful, yet largely dormant population of largemouth bass. And in doing so, he completely dominated the final Walmart FLW Tour event of the season in wire-to-wire fashion. Read More: Alabama Romp

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Few lures can say they revolutionize the fishing lure industry. In recent history, the Lucky Craft RC series designed what has taken off as the plastic mold square bill rising where every major lure company has a knockoff. Another company that has to be included was Lunker City who had their registered Slug-Go duplicate in some form or another by every soft plastic lure manufacture. Now there is one more revolutionary lure coming out for anglers to fish with that is going to again incite the fishing tackle industry; probably to duplicate the original once again. The Alabama Rig® is the first of its kind without a real category to classify it in. Read entire Article

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Alabama rig, lure created in Muscle Shoals, is latest bass catching craze - 2011-10-23

Published: Sunday, October 23, 2011


Every bass fisherman in America has fished a Texas-rigged worm and most have probably fished a Carolina-rig at some time or another. Bass fishermen had better get ready to add the Alabama rig to their vocabulary and tackle boxes. Read entire Article

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I'm usually right there when something new or unique hits the bass fishing news, but I missed checking the news yesterday and missed the breaking story of a new rig called the Alabama rig.  It's been out for a while, but I have never seen it and I am like most of the field at the FLW Tour Open on Lake Guntersville who missed the news are are sitting behind four of the Top 5 in the Event who were using this crazy new rig.  I saw the news stories on FLWOutdoors, BassFan and Rich's Bassin' Blog and had to post something.


Read entire Article 



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