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How to Fish The Alabama Rig


 First we'd like to thank all of you that have purchased one of my original The Alabama Rig's®. I hope you to will be catching as many fish as I have and do on this new fishing system. There are so many ways to fish The Alabama Rig, but I will try and let you know a few ways I like to fish it and the various attachments I use on it.

I've spent months testing this new rig and I have tried different materials, wires, swivels etc. and come up with this fish catching rig and now want to share it with you fellow fishermen. The Alabama Rig is designed as a system with the type and diameter of the wire in conjunction with the heavy duty swivels and snaps, and our exclusive heavy gauge light weight jig heads. Don't be fooled by all the copies out there with most being made of lead and cheap spinnerbait wires and cheap swivels and snaps!


First: We recommend that you use a 7' to 8' medium heavy to heavy rod.


Second: Use a quality high speed geared bait-casting reel (6:3 - 7:0).


Third: Spool your reel with 65 to 80 pound braided line I prefer "Tuf-Line" braid.



Rigging The Alabama Rig


Spread the wires as per our instructional video.


DO NOT ADD any monofilament or leaders to the wires! Try to keep the wires close together as you can but not to close for them to tangle with each other. I like to rig it with four 1/8 ounce jig-heads on the two top outside wires and a heavier 1/4 ounce to 1/2 ounce jig-head on the inside center wire with the two bottom outside wire rigged with 1/4 oz. jig-heads to balance everything out. From our experience and from listening to other fishermen, most fish are caught either on the middle jig-head or one of the two bottom jig-heads!


I like any type 4" to 5" curly tailed grubs but prefer Kalin's brand in natural colors or my favorite color "watermelon seed" for clear water. Your choices are endless with all the grub types and colors out there. If I'm fishing smooth bottoms, shell-mounds or pea gravel bottoms I rig the jig-heads with the hooks exposed. If in heavier cover like a stump field, standing timber or grass-beds then I'd suggest that you rig it weed-less or Texas posed.

Fishing the Alabama Rig


 If you know how to locate schools of bass with your electronics then you are going to love The Alabama Rig® I like to search the lake for ledges, mounds, drops, stump fields etc. with my "Down Imaging" unit to locate the fish. Once I locate the fish I drop a buoy to get an alignment point for reference for my casts. I noted the depth the bass were at and make my cast count down The Alabama Rig® to just below that depth so I can reel up through the schools of fish.


You will have to determine the speed the fish was the lures. Sometimes its slow, sometimes pretty fast and sometimes just a stead retrieve is the ticket. I like to reel in with a stead speed and pause it after about every ten to fifteen feet to let The Alabama Rig® sink back a foot or so and then pick up the steady retrieve again. Sometimes this pause and drop really turns on the fish. Most of your hits on The Alabama Rig will be more aggressive than with other lures such as crank-baits or spinner-baits. Sometime when you change the angle of retrieve such as bring it up towards the boat the fish will crush it.


 Another thing The Alabama Rig® will help you do is to locate schools of fish. If I am pre-fishing for a tournament I like to bend in the hook points after I hook a few fish to determine their size and just count strikes on The Alabama Rig®. I have had big fish almost take the rod out of my hand they hit The Alabama Rig® so hard. So if it is not legal to fish The Alabama Rig® during the actual tournament at least you can know that the schools of fish are there. Be sure to check your local laws regarding The Alabama Rig.


We've had clients that have caught doubles, triples, quads at once on The Alabama Rig. As we start getting feedback and photos we'll be posting them on our website for others to see.

Check out our video to see how we both rig The Alabama Rig and how we fish it.


(Note: I recommend light wire hooks for fun fishing but our heavy wire hooks for tournament or larger fish)


Increase Your Odds


From our testing and fishing with The Alabama Rig we have found that 95 percent of the fish will be caught on the center wire or the two bottom wires. So rig these baits with our heavy wire Mustad jig-heads for better hook-ups.


Muddy or Stained Water


If you are faced with muddy to stained water, then we suggest that you remove the standard swim-baits from your "The Alabama Rig" and replace them with 4" to 5" curly-tail grubs and maybe a single 1/4 ounce spinnerbait on the middle wire. You could also try one of the "Chatterbait" type lures in the middle as well. This way you will get a lot of vibration from the rig. We've really caught a lot of fish making this modification.


The "PAUSE" is the trick!


One of our "secrets" to fishing The Alabama Rig is that after we make our cast and let it settle to the desired depth. We start our slow steady retrieve and about every ten to fifteen feet we "Pause" or let the rig flair and sink back for just a second. We don't want it to fall but only to pause or stop a split second. This way any following fish will almost always grab the bait as the lure changes direction. This is also why you'll get hits right as you are taking the rig out of the water as your retrieve changes from a flat angle now to an upward angle.

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